My name is Jeremy Pittman. I started the Never Settle Foundation in honor of my father after he passed away from cancer. Since then, we have fundraised over $200,000 for innovative non-profits. This year we are partnering with 3 non-profits fighting poverty for our World Change 2016 campaign.


Two girls where their school uniforms made locally in Haiti

You can help an orphan in Haiti complete primary school with a locally-made school uniform.

Children in a school in Siem Reap, Cambodia fill up bottles with clean drinking water.

You can help kids in Cambodia reach their full potential by providing clean water for years to come.

Member of Team Rubicon clears debris after the 2011 Joplin, MO tornado.

You can help your fellow neighbors in the United States by supporting disaster relief volunteers.

You don’t have to move to Africa or be a millionaire to make an extraordinary impact in the world. In fact, you can make a big difference by using your own skills, interests, and social network right where you are. We need passionate people that choose to never settle for the status quo of the world by fundraising for life-changing projects all over the world. Join us!

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AmazonSmile: You shop. Amazon Gives.

What if someone told you that you could make real change in the world, and it wouldn’t cost you any time or money? Would you do it? I believe most of us would. It’s not only possible, it’s easy! Let me tell you how. Most of us use Amazon on a regular basis for a variety of different items we need. As a matter of fact, about 244 million of us are active customers of the e-commerce giant. Some of us even use it on a weekly or daily basis. In 2015 alone, Amazon reported $107 billion dollars in revenue. …

World Change 2015 Progress Report

At the end of 2015, Never Settle hosted its 2nd annual World Change campaign to promote giving and volunteering during the holiday season.  Our goal was to empower our community of ordinary people to make an extraordinary impact in the world during the two month campaign. To accomplish our goal, we partnered with like-minded nonprofits, business, and individuals to create opportunities for the community to get involved. This year there were multiple days of gift matching so that donations could have double the impact. Also, companies like Google helped get their employees involved by allowing us to setup a booth …

Broken Hearts, Dirty Hands

There’s something magical about this time of year. The leaves start to turn their brilliant colors of orange, red, and yellow. The cool crispness of the air signals fall is here. I can literally almost smell the turkey roasting, the homemade bread baking, and the pumpkin pie waiting to be devoured by a house full of kids and grandkids. This season of thankfulness is followed closely with lights going up on houses, trees being trimmed by the fireplace, and decorations everywhere you turn. There are children Christmas plays, corporate parties, church programs, and if you’re lucky enough, carriage rides in …

Announcing World Change 2015

Never Settle is hosting a 2nd annual World Change campaign to promote giving and volunteering during the 2015 holiday season. Our goal is always to empower ordinary people to make an extraordinary impact in the world, but we like to kick it up a notch to end the year. We have big plans for World Change 2015 and we want you to be a part of it. Don’t worry, we will be sharing tons of ways to get involved between now and December 31st. Small groups can make a BIG impact American anthropologist Margaret Mead said “Never doubt that a …

My Trip to Google: Success vs Significance

I recently had the pleasure of traveling to Mountain View, California to attend “Take Your Parents to Work Day” at Google with my son, Jeremy. As a parent, when you think about great career opportunities and places you would be thrilled to see your kids work, it’s hard to beat Google. In 2014, Fortune magazine along with others, voted Google once again, “the best company to work for”. As I toured the campus, amazing doesn’t even begin to describe what I saw. There is an abundance of food everywhere you turn from gourmet meals to a hamburger on the grill. …

The Impact of a Mother

How do you quantify the impact of a mother? First off, she probably gave birth to you. If you’re reading this right now, that means you have a pulse. You owe that to your mom! Of course, not everyone is close to their birth mother. But I bet you have a step-mom, aunt, or female mentor that has made a big difference in your life. Mother’s Day is the perfect opportunity to thank them for their impact on you. Today, May 10, 2015 is Mother’s Day. We set aside this Sunday to celebrate and honor the mothers and important women …

Water Crisis Following Deadly Nepal Earthquake

As you’ve likely seen, there was a devastating earthquake that hit Nepal on April 25th, killing more than 1,800 people. Never Settle partner, Splash, has 131 water projects serving 96,148 children in Kathmandu, Nepal. Only hours after the earthquake hit and tremors were still being felt, Splash worked diligently to make sure all Splash staff and their families were accounted for and safe. We can happily say that everyone on the Splash team in-country has been successfully contacted. Please know that the situation in Kathmandu is devastating. The city is in shambles. And clean water – already a critical need …

Why Easter is the Ultimate Reason to Never Settle

At first glance, April 16, 2006, seemed like a normal Easter Sunday for Higher Calling Church and Pastor Don. But this one would prove to be different. This one was special because Pastor Don was told by very competent doctors that it would be his last. And they were right. Multiple Myeloma, the blood cancer Pastor Don had been battling for seven years, was now taking over his body and his strength but not his resolve to preach Easter Sunday and launch the Never Settle series, a message given to him by God. His thin, frail body was an outward …


  • Today Splash Served 368,084 Children and Growing in 6 Countries
    Today Splash Served 368,084 Children and Growing in 6 Countries
    Today, Splash served 368,084 children worldwide with clean drinking water. But it isn’t just today – Splash gives the gift of sustainable clean drinking water, sanitation, and hygiene to kids every single day. With Never Settle’s help, Splash refuses to settle for their current progress and continues to grow their impact. Splash is currently working ...
  • World Change 2014 Impact Report
    World Change 2014 Impact Report
    Campaign Overview Everyone wants to the change the world, but most people don’t know where to start. So we decided to dedicate the end of 2014 to empowering ordinary people to be a part of something extraordinary. First, we challenged our team on social media and email to get the word out about World Change ...
  • Clean Water Matters to Children at Wat Chork Primary School
    Clean Water Matters to Children at Wat Chork Primary School
    In 2013, I traveled along with volunteers from Team Never Settle to Siem Reap, Cambodia. The city is a popular tourist destination because of the historic and beautiful temples throughout Angkor Wat. But if you look past the beautiful scenery and hostels catering to relatively wealthy Westerns, you will see a much bleaker story. Siem ...
  • Impact Report: Clean Hands Pilot Program Launched in Cambodia
    Impact Report: Clean Hands Pilot Program Launched in Cambodia
    You helped us launch a sanitation and hygiene education program in Cambodia In 2012, Splash came to Never Settle with a unique project that they were loosely calling Cambodia 2.0. Splash has always focused on partnering with great local organizations in developing urban areas to install and maintain water purification systems. Their strategy proved to ...
  • Progress Report: Yellow Thunder Drills First Well in Merara Village
    Progress Report: Yellow Thunder Drills First Well in Merara Village
    Never Settle partnered with charity: water during during their 2011 September Campaign to fund a drilling rig fleet serving Tigray, Ethiopia. Since the rig arrived on the ground, charity: water has tracked it on a map that you can follow live. You can also follow Yellow Thunder on Twitter to get updates straight to your news feed.
  • Impact Report: We bought 67 School Uniforms for Students in Uganda
    Impact Report: We bought 67 School Uniforms for Students in Uganda
    One of my proudest accomplishments is walking across the stage in front of hundreds of peers to accept my college diploma. I graduated with an undergraduate degree from Purdue University in May 2012. Before graduation, I locked up a job at Google and prepared myself to move to San Francisco. This was a time of ...
  • Disaster Relief Efforts in Henryville, IN
    Disaster Relief Efforts in Henryville, IN
    Purdue students clean up a friend’s farm leveled after tornado – Live updates on volunteer opportunities in Henryville – Reflections from Mindy Pittman after leading volunteer mission in Henryville – Leave a comment on Facebook comments

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