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LIVE UPDATES: Super Typhoon Haiyan Barrels through the Central Philippines

Super Typhoon Haiyan, one of the strongest storms in recorded history, made landfall in the Philippines early Friday. Gusting winds up to 235 mph were reported as Haiyan barreled through the central Philippines. At least three people have been killed and seven injured, but there are over one million people displaced due to flooding and …

A Cocktail Party in Indianapolis Helps People Around the World

This summer Lynnae Gorman and Mindy Pittman hosted the very first Never Settle Cocktail Party. It was a fun evening with cold beer, cocktails, and tasty appetizers on Mindy’s candlelit deck. She began the evening by sharing the Never Settle story starting with her husband, Don Pittman, coining the phrase more than six years ago. …