DECEMBER 14, 2014


Never Settle is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization helping people use their passions to fundraise for life-changing projects all over the world.

Two girls where their school uniforms made locally in Haiti

You can help an orphan in Haiti complete primary school with a locally-made school uniform.

Children in a school in Siem Reap, Cambodia fill up bottles with clean drinking water.

You can help kids in Cambodia reach their full potential by providing clean water for years to come.

Member of Team Rubicon clears debris after the 2011 Joplin, MO tornado.

You can help your fellow neighbors in the United States by supporting disaster relief volunteers.

You don’t have to move to Africa or be a millionaire to make an extraordinary impact in the world. In fact, you can make a big difference by using your own skills, interests, and social network right where you are. We need passionate people that choose to never settle for the status quo of the world by fundraising for life-changing projects all over the world. Join us!


[INFOGRAPHIC] 6 Fundraising Tips for Beginners

You don’t need to be a fundraising expert to create a successful Never Settle fundraising campaign. Anyone can use these six tips to start their first online fundraising campaign. Of course there are tons of more advanced tips, but that will have to be saved for another post. But the truth is that you are probably perfectly capable of hosting a successful fundraiser. We will help you along the way. You just have to start. Never Settle is hosting an online and physical event called World Change Day on December 14, 2014. Did you know that 30% of all charitable […]

VIDEO: Do You Believe You Can Be a Part of Something World Changing?

Change always begins in the heart of one passionate person that chooses to leave mediocrity behind and never settle. Pastor Don Pittman, the inspiration behind Never Settle, challenged his Indianapolis congregation to unite together to change their community and the world. World Change 2014 is coming up December 14 in Indy. It’s going to be a fun evening with a sit down dinner and a band that you will enjoy with your friends. But it can be so much more than that. It’s all about doing our part to change the world and our team is just crazy enough to […]

You’re Invited to Change the World – December 14, 2014

Never Settle exists because we believe you can be a world-changer. You have passions, skills, and things special about you. You can use them to help people and make the world a better place. For that reason, I would like to personally invite you to World Change 2014 in Indianapolis. I have always believed that there is a deep yearning in the heart of people to matter, to make a difference, to leave a mark on this world. At the very heart of Never Settle lies a decision every person must make at some point in his life. Will I […]

Did you know November is National Child Safety Month?

It’s November, which means autumn, Thanksgiving and National Child Safety and Protection Month. Though it’s easy to scoff at made up holidays – November is also Banana Pudding Lovers Month and National Peanut Butter Lovers Month – protecting children is part of our mission here at Never Settle. As you know, we’ve got $3,000 left to raise for our campaign to bring clean water to schools in Cambodia. For this campaign, we’re proud to partner with Splash, whose entire mission is to bring clean water to children all around the world, especially in impoverished, urban communities. Leave a comment on […]

5 Tips for Hosting a Successful Fundraising Event

Maybe you have a passion for helping with the clean water crisis or you would like to make an impact in Haiti by purchasing uniforms for orphans to be able to attend school. No matter what your passion, I can help you organize a successful event that will make lasting impact with the dollars you raise. Let me tell you how. In my day job, I am an event planner organizing on average seven events per week ranging from 20 guests to several thousand. I’ve hosted everything from corporate dinners, weddings, parties, expos, and even 10K races! All the details […]

Making Your Life Count

As summer ends and fall’s crisp air arrives, we all gear up for the upcoming season. School is back in session, vacations are ending, and organizations and churches launch new initiatives and programs that build momentum toward their mission. Everything runs at a little faster pace, and at the end of the day, we find ourselves feeling scheduled, hurried, and stressed out. Then we get up and do it again. Have you ever felt like you do the same thing over and over again and that nothing you accomplish really matters? All of us at some time or another need […]

How to Start a Fundraising Page with Never Settle

Team Never Settle is a community of passionate people convinced that the world could be a better place. We also believe that fundraising money for the right non-profit projects is the best way for the average person to make a measurable impact in the world. That’s why we partner with non-profits leading the industry with their commitment to accountability and transparency. Also, we make sure 100% of the money is used in the field and report back on progress. When you fundraise with Never Settle you know exactly how your money is being used and we will prove it to […]

A Walking Miracle: Dr. Kent Brantly Released from Emory Hospital

Dr. Kent Brantly, medical director for Samaritan’s Purse Ebola Consolidated Case Management Center contracted Ebola while caring for patients in Liberia this past July. Less than a month later, he was released from Emory University Hospital in Atlanta after completing his recovery from the deadly virus. “Today is a miraculous day. I am thrilled to be alive, to be well and to be reunited with my family,” said Brantly. At a press conference, Bruce Ribner, Infectious Disease Specialist at Emory University Hospital commented, “After rigorous course of treatment and thorough testing, we have determined in conjunction with the Center for Disease […]

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