This summer Lynnae Gorman and Mindy Pittman hosted the very first Never Settle Cocktail Party. It was a fun evening with cold beer, cocktails, and tasty appetizers on Mindy’s candlelit deck. She began the evening by sharing the Never Settle story starting with her husband, Don Pittman, coining the phrase more than six years ago.

Afterward, the party moved inside to join a live video chat with Never Settle’s founder, Jeremy Pittman. He shared the impact we have made in 2012 by funding water, education, and disaster relief projects. Jeremy went on to explain the Never Settle Model and answer questions from guests.

But this wasn’t your average party. At the end of the evening a surprise was revealed: the fee to attend the event was not a cover charge but a 100% donation to the Never Settle project of their choice. Guests were astonished by the results!

  • 10 school uniforms were purchased for orphans in Haiti
  • 120 people were given access to clean, safe drinking water
  • Additional funds will support future local disaster relief teams

On top of all that, several guests became Never Settle Investors by giving to our Sustainability Fund. Our investors are some of our most generous donors. They help us keep the lights on and fulfill our 100% promise to all donors and fundraisers.

The impact from a simple backyard cocktail party was profound. Both Mindy and Lynnae were excited by the results of their fundraiser and challenged their friends to host their own. We think Mindy said it best,

You don’t have to travel to Haiti or Ethiopia to make a difference. You can change the world right from your backyard.

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