No just isn’t an option.

However, it seems to be expected. Every voice heard on the phone was braced to hear it. Every response was prepared to overcome the objections given, objections that have been heard all too often. The employees that work with Be The Match and local hospitals hear it all the time. The group Delete Blood Cancer says 47% of those selected for bone marrow donations back out after being chosen for a variety of reasons.

I joined the national registry because of my dad. He had multiple myeloma and went through his own bone marrow transplant. While my dad did not require a donor for his procedure, his bone marrow transplant added years to his life. It allowed him to continue being a father to me and my siblings, to start a church, to be at my sister’s wedding, to create memories I will never forget.

A bone marrow transplant made that possible.

There are thousands in the same position as my family was during those uncertain days nearly 15 years ago. Many of them don’t have the option to provide their own cells for the procedure. They need a donor. They need a miracle. Why not me? Why not any of us?

I know almost nothing about the person receiving my cells. All I know is gender, age, and a disease. That’s the thing, once a person is diagnosed with something serious enough to warrant a transplant they are defined by their disease. It becomes a part of their everyday life. But I know there is more to this man than his illness. I know he has hopes and dreams. I know he has aspirations for the future.

How can I say no to giving this guy a chance to have a future?

I urge you to take the time and join the bone marrow registry. And if you are called, imagine the recipient being someone you love dearly before you are tempted to pass up the opportunity to donate.

No just isn’t an option.

Zachary Pittman,
Team Never Settle


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2 thoughts on “Donating Bone Marrow: Why ‘No’ Isn’t an Option for Zac Pittman

  1. You did a good……not good….great thing just because you understand the urgent need for this procedure to help a fellow human with cancer. I could not be more proud of you grandson.

  2. Very proud of you Zac for being willing to go through donating your stem cells so hopefully another family will not have to experience what we did. God never wastes a hurt and now he is using you in a unique way to bring life to others who are hurting.

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