My family’s favorites include this butternut squash soup, caramelized onion galette and an apple pie from Pie ‘n Burger.

As you leaf through family cookbooks and break out binders filled with grandma’s handwriting, or simply pick up takeout, I urge you to think about which ingredients really constitute a truly wonderful Thanksgiving.

I assure you it’s not pure organic butter, or the finest Himalayan salt.

It’s purpose. It’s deliberately choosing to put down your phone, step away from your email and spending time with the ones you love the most. It could be a traditional family gathering, with a Norman Rockwell turkey carving scene, or a group of college friends sitting on the ground sharing cranberry sauce in a can.

But no matter what your celebration looks like this week, add purpose to the shopping list. Evaluate what you really need in this life – and what it would take to get there.

Never Settle is here because we believe in empowering you to make a positive and measurable impact on the world. So add a dash of purpose to your Thanksgiving prep today – donate and make a difference toward fighting Ebola with Samaritan’s Purse, enabling clean water in Cambodia with Splash, supporting Team Rubicon disaster relief volunteers, or buying school uniforms for students at GO Projects.

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