Today, Splash served 368,084 children worldwide with clean drinking water. But it isn’t just today – Splash gives the gift of sustainable clean drinking water, sanitation, and hygiene to kids every single day. With Never Settle’s help, Splash refuses to settle for their current progress and continues to grow their impact.

Splash is currently working with foreign governments and local businesses in six countries to create new WASH projects. Bangladesh, Cambodia, China, Ethiopia, India, and Nepal all have massive urban cities where millions of poor people go without clean water. This is where Splash excels – clean water at scale. Their purification system is cheap, durable, and easy to install and maintain. Splash also provides partners with culturally appropriate hygiene education services geared towards children.

By piggybacking on technology and supply chains already used by major food and hotel chains, Splash is able to set ambitious goals of 100% coverage in major cities. Eric Stowe, founder and director of Splash explains, “By 2020, we want to bring clean water to every orphanage in China; every public school in Kathmandu, Nepal; every child-serving institution in Kolkata, India.” But Splash will only be able to reach its bigs goals with the continued help of Never Settle supporters like you.

Never Settle has been a fundraising partner of Splash since 2011, but I’ve never been more excited about the future of clean water in these six countries. Below you can read about each country program’s progress and goals for the upcoming year. Leave us a comment if you have any questions or want to know more about Never Settle funded clean water programs.


Splash serving 99,993 children at 945 orphanages, 18 schools, 17 shelters and 8 hospitals in China

Today Splash served 99,993 children at 945 orphanages, 18 schools, 17 shelters and 8 hospitals across 31 provinces in China. Splash has completed 8 years of development work in China and is poised to reach 100% coverage of their target population for the first time.

The Progress: 73% complete, on schedule. 2015 brought large investments to the China program with clear direction to establish metrics for implementation success and to research the best models for sustainability and exit. To that extent, incredible partnerships have been forged.

The Goal: Clean water at every single orphanage in China by 2017. The aims for 2016 are to: 1) complete clean water projects at 290 new orphanage sites and supply 479 existing orphanage partners with spare parts that will extend their lifetime of their water filtration systems by 5 years, 2) add four staff in China and build out service and maintenance systems to support increased demand, and 3) develop a strategic exit plan that will transition Splash China from an international philanthropic program to a self-sufficient, locally rooted entity that will sustain impact long-term by 2020.


Splash serving 62,908 children at 32 schools, 13 shelters, 10 orphanages, and 8 hospitals  in Cambodia

Today Splash served 62,908 children at 32 schools, 13 shelters, 10 orphanages, and 8 hospitals in Phnom Penh. Splash launched in Cambodia in 2008, but has not undertaken a safe water project in the country via philanthropic funding in the past 2+ years. Instead, Splash is moving toward a social enterprise model that will enable a strategic exit from Cambodia by 2019.

The Progress: 70% complete, on schedule. By the end of 2015, Splash completed market research and analysis on two potential business models for transitioning their water programs to local businesses owners.

The Goal: Clean water at 100 sites to serve 85,000 children in Phnom Penh by 2019. The aims for 2016 are to: 1) establish local revenue streams that support the long-term philanthropic work and growth of Splash Cambodia as a self-sufficient social enterprise, 2) gather baseline data to identify the highest need schools serving the most underserved children in Phnom Penh and Siem Reap, and 3) complete 10 WASH-in-Schools projects by end of the year.


Splash serving 110,049 children at 164 schools, 4 shelters, 2 orphanages and 1 hospital and 1 hospital in Nepal

Today Splash served 110,049 children at 164 schools, 4 shelters, 2 orphanages
and 1 hospital in Kathmandu.
In 2007, Nepal became their second country of focus after China and their first commitment to building a model for 100% coverage of a singular city.

The Progress: 25% complete, on schedule. While the earthquake that struck Kathmandu on April 25, 2015 posed severe setbacks to Splash’s implementation goals, the collective support of friends, family and followers enabled Splash to recovery swiftly and efficiently from the disaster. In fact, all water systems survived the earthquake and many sites became temporary aid and water distribution centers.

The Goal: WASH-in-Schools programs in all 650 public schools in Kathmandu by
Splash aims in 2016 to: 1) complete 47 new WASH-in-Schools projects, 2) acquire official registration as a Nepali non-profit organization while adding two staff to oversee the expanded in-country operations, and 3) perform trials of a business model that could subsidize Splash’s long-term philanthropic work and one day support Splash Nepal as a self-sufficient social enterprise.


Splash serving 20,197 children at 70 Dhaka schools in Bangladesh

Today Splash served 20,197 children at 70 Dhaka schools. In 2015, Splash and BRAC (the world’s largest non-profit organization) began a three-year partnership to develop a scalable and sustainable WASH-in-School model for the immediate benefit of 150,000 children living in the urban capital Dhaka.

The Progress: 14% complete, on schedule. By the end of 2015, the Splash-BRAC partnership delivered first-time access to clean water and improved WASH services to 20,000 children.

The Goal: WASH-in-Schools programming in 500 Dhaka schools by 2018. The aim for 2016 is to double the scale and pace of program implementation from the previous year by completing WASH projects in 50 formal schools and 100 BRAC-run schools in Dhaka to serve an additional 45,000 children. This rapid expansion in delivery is underway and on schedule with the Bangladeshi government showing unprecedented support. BRAC and Splash have also begun administering baseline surveys to all 2,000 public schools in Dhaka in order to locate the highest need schools serving the most underserved children.


Splash serving 30,633 children at 28 schools, 7 orphanages, 5 shelters ,and 2 hospitals in Ethiopia

Today Splash served 30,633 children at 28 schools, 7 orphanages, 5 shelters and 2 hospitals in Addis Ababa. Splash launched in Ethiopia in 2008 with the intent to prove scale in the African context and benefit over 300,000 children in the country’s capitol city.

The Progress: 7% complete, on schedule. In 2015, Splash Ethiopia developed stronger partnerships with local non-profits and government. The First Lady of Ethiopia, Roman Tesfaye, spoke at a Splash project inauguration event to commend the work being done.

The Goal: WASH-in-School programs at all 400 public schools in Addis Ababa by 2022. The primary aim in 2016 is to double the current partner base in Ethiopia. In April 2016, Splash staff are presenting findings from their city-wide survey to potential partners from the Ethiopian government and the WASH non-profit sector. In addition, they aim to complete 15 new clean water and sanitation projects at schools and orphanages in Addis Ababa. Also, Splash plans to hire four new staff members for the Splash Ethiopia field team by the end of the year.


Splash serving 26,778 children at 27 schools, 3 orphanages and 2 shelters in India

Today Splash served 26,778 children at 27 schools, 3 orphanages and 2 shelters
in Kolkata.
In the three years since their launch in 2012, Splash has earned the reputation as a quality WASH implementer and collaborator in India.

The Progress: 1% complete, on schedule. Splash is now in prime position to begin leveraging its partnerships in a way that would not only prove scale in Kolkata but produce a replicable model for other Indian cities as well.

The Goal: WASH-in-School programs at all 2,000 public schools in Kolkata by 2020. Ambitions are running high in India this year. The central aims for 2016 are to: 1) implement WASH-in-School programs in 63 Kolkata schools for the benefit of 14,860 children, 2) solidify partnerships that support Splash’s activities in sanitation, policy advocacy, and knowledge management, and 3) refine their hygiene model to ensure it’s best-in-class prior to the major push toward 100% coverage planned for 2017.

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