If you’re struggling to find the perfect Christmas gift ideas for your friends, roommates, parents and siblings, have no fear! Here’s a list of some suggested low-cost gifts.

  1. Something homemade: Who doesn’t love a good do-it-yourself (DIY) gift? It doesn’t have to be complicated. A small scarf you’ve knitted or a box of cupcakes can be a sweet, thoughtful gift. Stuck for ideas? Check out this great crafting SubReddit.
  2. Pictures: With the dawn of social media and cell phones, no one takes the time to print pictures anymore. Why not pick a great picture of you and your loved one in a nice frame? It’s small, but impactful – and sites like Shutterfly make it really easy and cheap.
  3. Give something on their behalf: Many people mean to donate or give to a cause they believe in but don’t find it in their budget that year, or simply don’t get around to it. Why not donate to a cause they believe in on their behalf? Never Settle’s World Change 2014 would be a perfect way to give the gift of giving to your loved one. When you donate, we will send an e-card to your loved one showing their impact.

What do you think of those suggestions? Have we left out any great alternative gift ideas?

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