At first glance, April 16, 2006, seemed like a normal Easter Sunday for Higher Calling Church and Pastor Don. But this one would prove to be different. This one was special because Pastor Don was told by the best doctors in Indianapolis that it would be his last. And they were right.

Multiple Myeloma, the blood cancer Pastor Don had been battling for seven years, was now taking over his body and his strength but not his resolve to preach Easter Sunday and launch the Never Settle series, a message given to him by God.

“Never settle for anything less than God’s best for your life.
-Don Pittman, Easter Sunday

Pastor Don passed away nine years ago, but his legacy lives on through hundreds of members of Team Never Settle. Since then, we have fundraised well over $100,000 for non-profits serving millions of people all over the world. We didn’t do it alone. It took hundreds of fundraisers and donors choosing to never settle, and it all started that Easter Sunday in 2006.

World Water Day and Easter Sunday

World Water Day is March 22 and Easter Sunday is April 5. In celebration of both, we are fundraising to help Splash reach their audacious goal of 100% water coverage in Kolkota, India public schools.

Over the next several days, we will share exclusive Easter Sunday and World Water Day videos and interviews on our blog. Check back here often or subscribe so that you get updates in your email inbox.

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