In 2012, Never Settle founder Jeremy Pittman was honored with a Jefferson Award. This 41-year-old tradition recognizes inspirational individuals throughout the United States, celebrating their dedication to improving the lives of others. Jeremy was chosen as November’s winner in Indiana for his achievements in building the digital non-profit and seeing it to fruition; Never Settle has funded projects in five countries focusing on clean drinking water for kids, school uniforms for orphans, and disaster relief.

Indianapolis’ RTV6 news station hosted a ceremony last month for 2012 Jefferson Award winners, thanking them for their continued efforts to change the status quo. Jeremy attended the event at the Indiana Landmark Center to accept the award on behalf of Never Settle. “The basic idea behind it is…the founding days of America were all about the spirit of volunteering,” noted RTV6 General Manager Larry Blackerby, “We built the spirit of the country around neighbors helping neighbors.”

Your neighbors—as Never Settle has proven—just might be halfway around the world.


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One thought on “Never Settle Recognized at Jefferson Awards Ceremony

  1. Congratulations Jeremy! I know that your dad would be so very proud of you & your foundation. What an honor to be recognized for such great work. Praying for continued success.

    Katherine Hickmanbell

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