Did you know children in many countries around the world, can’t attend school because they can’t afford a school uniform?

In the US, the phrase “Back to School” brings to mind images of freshly-sharpened, yellow pencils and new backpacks. However, in Haiti, this time of year often brings feelings of great uncertainty. Financial pressure on families in Haiti is a major reason that less than half of the children finish primary school. Lack of education leads to limited job opportunities. Future prospects are dim.

Coming up with the cost of a simple school uniforms (required by law in Haiti) can be one of the biggest hurdles faced by students and their families. $20 provides a uniform for a child, and helps send them to school. Additionally, each school uniform is sewn by a student at the GO Transition Academy (formerly Pathways), so your gift also supports the job skills training of young adults who have “aged out” of orphan care.

School uniforms in developing countries are important because they allow each student to be seen as equal. There is no distinction between students who come from rich or poor families, they all are wearing the same clothes. They provide dignity and hope for students who may not have anything else. The benefits of these uniforms are not only seen by the children, but in members of the rest of the community. 

At the sewing center in Haiti started by the Global Orphan Project, employees are members of the community. For many of them, their jobs as tailors help pay the tuition fees for their children. Besides helping them pay for their children’s schooling, these jobs also allow members of the community to feel productive, self-sufficient, and confident. The Global Orphan Project, has been vital in creating these sewing centers and fair paying jobs.

This year as school begins, think of the children in Haiti whose hopes are dependent on funding for a school uniform. With a donation of $20 you will be helping to support a community by providing jobs for adults, and children who have “aged out” of orphan care. Most importantly, you will be helping to fund the dream of a child and support their education.

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