As the Ebola pandemic was sweeping across West Africa in the spring of 2014, Samaritan’s Purse stepped up and fully committed its people and resources to provide comfort, compassion, and care to victims … all in the Name of Jesus. But when the deadly virus infected its own medical personnel, including Dr. Kent Brantly, the epic crisis truly hit home for Samaritan’s Purse.

Kent could have taken the first flight out of there back to the comforts and security of his own home. He could have said it’s not my problem; not my responsibility. He could have chosen not to get his hands dirty, but that’s the difference between a job and a calling. For Dr. Kent Brantly providing healthcare to communities in Liberia was a calling. He knew all too well that once God has given you a dream, that dream becomes your responsibility.

I’m sure Kent considered the sacrifices and counted the cost of moving to Liberia to help the sick & hurting people of West Africa. That act alone is much more of a sacrifice than most of us are willing to make. But what he didn’t count on was staring the worst outbreak of Ebola the world has ever seen right in the face. Not across the city, or down the street but right in his own clinic. He made the decision in that moment, that he would do everything he could to face this impending darkness. The Liberian people in this community desperately needed his help and he was the man for the job.

By now, you have probably heard the story of Dr. Brantly contracting this deadly disease, Ebola, along with his co-worker Nancy Writebol. But you probably have not heard the incredible story of how this man honored the God he served as he was literally staring his own death right in the face. Truly this man is an American hero and a walking miracle.

Samaritan’s Purse released a documentary in July 2017 to tell Dr. Kent Brantly’s incredible, true story. Facing Darkness was released in limited theaters across the United States for two nights only. Now it is available on DVD and Blue-Ray. Also you can buy or rent Facing Darkness in HD from iTunes or Google Play.

Everyone should watch this movie to be inspired to follow your calling no matter what circumstances may come your way. So many of us aspire to be world changers, and we think that means doing something great by the world’s standards. But so many times the people that inspire us the most are the everyday, ordinary ones that stayed in the ring when the fight got tough.

Watch the trailer below and the entire movie. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

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