Just over a year ago, I celebrated my 21st birthday. Instead of presents or drinks, I asked friends and family to give a $21 donation to help me start a “different kind of non-profit.” Together, we raised a little over $1,000 to get NEVER SETTLE off the ground.

Since then, hundreds of you have joined the mission to push the status quo and never settle. Here is what we have accomplished together since my 21st birthday fundraiser:

Built an awesome website.

Made ourselves official.

  • NEVER SETTLE inc. is incorporated on the state and federal level.
  • Our application for 501(c)3 tax exempt status has been submitted and is currently being reviewed by the IRS.
  • We have partnered with dozens of businesses and non-profits to make NEVER SETTLE a reality.

Made a global impact.

  • We delivered much needed supplies to orphanages in Haiti. This trip also served as a need assessment for future education projects.
  • We partnered with charity:water to help fund a modest portion of a 1.2 million dollar drilling rig in Tigray, Ethiopia.
  • We funded early response tornado relief teams throughout the Midwest. Multiple volunteer NS Teams have done supply drops and cleared debris in Henryville, IN.
  • We gave clean, safe drinking water to 1,000 children living in urban Cambodia.

From the beginning, Never Settle has empowered ordinary people to change the world. And we don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. We are just getting started.

Jeremy, Founder

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