March 9th marks the last day of classes before Spring Break for the nearly 40,000 students at Purdue University. Most take the opportunity to migrate south to warmer weather and beaches. My friends and I are not much different. After all, I’m writing this post from a poolside in Tampa, Florida. But for the people living in Henryville, IN or other numerous towns hit by the severe tornados early this March, Spring Break will look very different.

Earlier this week, I was visiting a local campus bar, enjoying a few drinks with friends when my friend, Sarah, told me that she was from Henryville, IN. Her mom lived on a large property over looking Henryville, but after the storm, the house was nearly leveled with debris and destruction covering the entire property. My jaw dropped. I was completely speechless. My friends and I were planning on taking a road trip to Tampa in the next few days. We would literally pass the Henryville exit as we left Indiana. How could we not help?

Without any clue what we were getting ourselves into, a few college kids stopped in Henryville determined to help our friend any way we could. If not nothing else, we wanted to show her that we supported her and cared about her.

Here are pictures and video from Team NEVER SETTLE’s first stop in Henryville, IN.

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