There are two new designs available at the Never Settle Apparel online store. Both designs are inspired by our non-profit implementing partners, Splash. They are an amazingly innovative organization that installs and maintains advanced water purification systems in developing urban cities. Splash partners with local organizations like schools, orphanages, and community centers providing services to children. They take care of clean water and sanitation so that the local groups can focus on programs keeping kids healthy and in school.


Clean water tee on black background

This tee puts a fun twist on the Splash purification system and is available in multiple colors.

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Clean water tee on black background

This tee shows the process of purifying water from start to finish. In many urban areas around the world, the primary source of drinking water is from ground wells. Unfortunately, most of the time this water is contaminated and makes children sick. But once it passes through the .02 micrometer wide membrane in the Splash purification system, the water comes out clean and safe. Amazing!

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